Amsterdam Shopping Paradise

The Dam place with the King`s Palace. Now, you have arrived at the shopping zones.
We suggest these three areas for shopping:


  • Nieuwendijk Straat
  • Kalverstraat and
  • the „9 streets“ behind the University area.

Unique styles

From the Dam place at your right hand you can start into the Nieuwendijk straat. And at your left hand, the shops in Kalvertstraat provide a lot of shopping fun.

We will then move further to the "9 streets".

Boutiques by the number in the Kalverstraat
Boutiques by the number in the Kalverstraat

The boutiques in Amsterdam look special to us, quite different to the shops we are used to see in the major German cities. We think, that this is first hand because of the special atmosphere in Amsterdam.
But further on, we realized that most oft he shops seem to be owned by single persons; we did not see that many chain shops. Maybe this singularity provides the shopper with a more decent and versatile assortment of styles.

The Nieuwendijk straat in Amsterdam means shopping fun
The Nieuwendijk straat in Amsterdam means shopping fun

Have a snack

Herring is a Dutch speciality. Between Damrak and Nieuwendijk street you can find this genuine gourmet snack shop

Enjoy fresh herring
Enjoy fresh herring


Coming from the Dam place, you enter at Kalverstraat. Medium sized shops dominate the scenery. Some shops have two floors for ladies` and gentlemen styles. Again, you find a huge number assortiment, all brands and a long number of shops to go in. Great fun for the shopper.

The 9 streets – shopping area #3

Before you go there, you may want to have a rest at the beautiful SPUI place.

SPUI – a good place to go

The SPUI ist a fairly large place in the University district. The place is named after a creek in this area.

Besides shopping, you are booklover? At the rigth side, you find two great books stores with a wonderful selection of international magazines. If reading is your thing, then these rooms will mean a paradise for you. You may need to watch the clock while reading in order to get out and to continue your ramble across the city

Across the book stores, there are two interesting spots that may be worth a look. At this place, the inhabitants of Asterdam have preserved one more building with a wonderful facade. The walls are decorated with a kind of Arabeke signs and tell a special story.
Next to this building, a store window may attract you interest. People  have installed some information about „design science“ that fits in a special way to the overall atmosphere of this location, if you want to see it this way.

The SPUI place in Amsterdam is a very special attraction
The SPUI place in Amsterdam is a very special attraction

The „9 straaten“


Third time lucky. Behind the SPUI you find the 9 streets. Again, a good number of well-known labels line up within wonderful old brick buildings. You can also see old „banking empels“ and wonderful art déco buildings. Thousands of people cross the streets.
And again: styles, styles, styless – a lot of shopping opportunities.

Fine architecture of Old Amsterdam
Fine architecture of Old Amsterdam

a good place for a break at the "9 straaten".


And now, we come the enjoy "Dutch" specialities ...