How to get there

Coming from Germany, it is convenient to go by bus or by train. For visitors who live further away from the Dutch border, the plane is the right choice. From Schiphol Airport, the traveler finds affordable shuttle to the center. Lately there are more and more interesting remote bus services from many German cities. The web also offers a whole range of ticket options.


By bus

Travelling by bus is very popular in Europe these days. This is because the regulations for bus tours across European borders have been internationalized more than before. Thus, just check the special bus offers.

By train

The railway companies offer a wide range of ticket alternatives.
A train trip is used to be some faster than a bus ride. Just compare time and costs and your specific  prefences. 

Amsterdam is different …

Amsterdam`s "Centraal Station"
Amsterdam`s "Centraal Station"

The Central Station is located in the water. This may be quite a surprising sight for people that are used to find the rail station located inland.

If you want to have a more closer look at the building, then you will realize a plain site made of sandstone. It stands upon hundreds of wooden pillars..

Three suggested walking tours

Across the Old Town

On the map above, the three recommendes walking tours have been marked with their top points.

A Dutch Flea Market

The Flea Market is our first taget. It is located just behind the downtown of Old Amsterdam.


The „Damrak“ is Amsterdams big Boulevard just behind the central station. You go there for about a hundred meters and then turn left, just where the small channel ends. Then you cross the pittoresque lanes of Amsterdam downtown. You may realize that Amstedam has kept a huge number of very old houses. Very many have been well preserved with their antique styles.

Some meters alongside the Oudekerk channel, just behind a nice old church, you will find a tourist office. There you can obtain a cost-free map oft he city along with some friendly explanations. You then cross the Jansbrug (John` bridge) and move to Stoffsteeg street. Turn right then, and some steps later you will get to Waterlooplein district. The Flea Market is easy to be found there.
On the bridge, at the entry to the market, you will find a pretty location for a photo shot.

"Dutch" fried potatoes

Waterlooplein - Amsterdam`s Flea Market
Waterlooplein - Amsterdam`s Flea Market
Interesting booth at the Flea market
Interesting booth at the Flea market

On the way to the market centre some merchants have decorated the walls of their booths with remarkable themes.

In the centre of the marketplace, people have established a very nice snack shop. If the weathe ris fine, you may see this as an invitation for a rest. You may try the „dutch“ fries and a delicious cup of coffee. It is time to watch people go by.


French fries "Dutch" style at the Amsterdam Flea Market
French fries "Dutch" style at the Amsterdam Flea Market


If you take a similar way back, you now can enjoy the oldtown a little more closer. Many international restaurants serve their customers, from China to Argentina, a wide selection.
The old town is not spread too far. So you can try some lanes to rigth and to the left.

Nice and Pittoreque Restaurants

On your way back from the Flea Market to the city, you will find a number of interesting restaurants - like this one.

The building itself was established in - 1695.

Tulips from Amsterdam

The Flower Market is always worth a visit. You will find tulips of all kinds - including US importation certificates. Nice cafes will invite you for a rest to watch people go by.


The City Centre

Now you are back to the central Damrak place. The royal castle surprisingly is located in the centre of this city. Many other high places use to be outside in a large park. Amsterdam is different, also with respect to this fact.

The Royal Palace of Amsterdam at the DAM place
The Royal Palace of Amsterdam at the DAM place

The first building at the left side hosts the famous Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. It looks big, and sometimes you have to make a queue.

On the left side of this place you will find an excellent cafe. It gives you a great view and a variety of food and beverages.


The place has international flair. Dancers, pantomimes and all kinds of minor arts will be performed.


And this is the point where your shopping fun can start from >>